We’re excited to shout about our online shop, where you’ll find finish-at-home, restaurant quality meal kits (£45+), family feast boxes, a range of our most popular Middle Eastern meze, family sized ready-to-bake Börek (£16), our signature Turkish-style Künefe (£20) and drinks, plus store cupboard essentials, Turkish delights and Baklava all available for delivery nationwide.

Choose between various experiences – like the Lebanese Beef Feast (£50 for 2, or £78 with a bottle of Lebanon’s finest Arak included), Middle Eastern Vegan Meze  (£45 for 2, or £61 with a bottle of Lebanese wine included), or bring the Arabica Street food experience into your home with a DIY Falafel Kit (£25) that feeds 5.

All of the feasts available include familiar signature dishes served in our restaurants and have been carefully prepared in our kitchen for you to finish at home. You also have the option to build-your-own meze feast by mixing and matching individual dips, pickles, vegetarian meze dishes, Börek, kibbeh and breads.

If you explore the store a little further, you’ll find a concise selection of Lebanese wine from one of our favourite producers, Domaine des Tourelles and Arak Brun to complement your home dining experience.

1. Select finish at home meal kits, fresh meze, sweets and drinks
2. Order by 11.59pm every Monday for nationwide delivery on Fridays and every Friday by 11.59pm for delivery every Tuesday.
3. Or plan ahead and select a date in the future
4. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions inside the meal kits provided and enjoy the regularly changing music playlists
5. Plate up and enjoy with family and friends at home

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